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Are These Soccer Cleats Worth $250?


I’m going to buy my daughter a $250-pair of “sock cleats.” Before you say I’m a sucker for clever marketing or an extravagant, over-the-top sports parent, let me explain.


Nike introduced the Nike Magista “sock cleat” in 2014 and Adidas soon followed with their own version. The concept is a knitted cleat, not the traditional leather cleat we are used to. It’s best described like you’re wearing a glove on your foot. When it was first introduced, Nike exclaimed “Football (soccer in USA) will never be the same.”




I’m not sure how much soccer changed, but the seemingly simple task of buying a pair of cleats for your kid sure did. So when my daughter recently asked me to buy her a pair, it seemed unimaginable to me that soccer cleats could cost this much or that people would pay that kind of money for them. But then, I started to see them everywhere, including on some of her ten-year-old teammates. So I thought, maybe I should take a closer look and find out if they were indeed worth the hefty price tag. So I talked to several kids (and their parents) who have them and here’s what I found out:

  • Everyone overwhelmingly agreed that it was money well spent.

  • The pros: feels like you’re wearing a sock, extremely comfortable – forms to foot, no tongue to obstruct touch on a ball, secure feeling on the ankle; plus it’s extremely lightweight.

  • The cons: the price, and half of the kids found it difficult to get on.


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North Carroll Travel Soccer is pleased to announce we have officially entered into a partnership with Under Armour as the club's official uniform and equipment supplier. Protect this house!!

More details to come...

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